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Anilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas PhilippinesAnilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas PhilippinesAnilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas PhilippinesAnilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas PhilippinesAnilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas PhilippinesAnilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas Philippines

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Anilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas Philippines

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Anilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas Philippines

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Anilao Diving

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Anilao Diving

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Anilao Diving, Underwater Photography|Dive Anilao/Batangas Philippines

AIYANAR DIVE RESORT. is a luxury resort and one of the latest, luxurious with five star rating Read more!





"I brought a group of 6 divers for a week of macro diving and photography in Anilao. Several people I know had recommended Dennis to me, so he was my first choice of booking. Dennis took care of our accommodation requests, transfers and diving package perfectly. There was not a single thing that we had to worry about, other than eat, sleep and dive! Dennis guided us personally, and to give us extra attention arranged both Obet and Jason to assist as well. The three guys are expert at locating the critters we wanted to see, and were very patient in finding them for us, as well as making sure each member of the group got to see the critter as well. Our boat was well looked after and the boat owners took great care of us also. Dennis gave us little bits of tuition and advice with our macro photography along the way, and we all greatly appreciated learning some extra things from such a brilliant photographer. I recommend creating a critter list before you go, because there are so many critters there you don’t want to miss out on the ones you’ve come specifically for. Dennis is a consummate professional, is extremely friendly and welcoming and completely trusted in delivering and amazing experience. We definitely look forward to diving with him and his team again!

I also have to mention, on my last dive I lost a macro wet lens. Dennis and Jason returned to that site the next morning in the hope of finding it for me – which they did! These guys go above and beyond, and have my complete recommendation".





"Many thanks to Dennis Corpuz for the wonderful week we spent in Anilao. We are two French divers and we heard a lot of compliments about Dennis on French forums. As we are fond of critters, we decided to contact Dennis to dive with him. He organized very well our trip (transfer ; hotel ; dives). We had very nice dives with him. The boatmen were all very kind with us. Dennis showed us many critters we'd never seen before. We recommend Anilao critters and we give you an advice: prepare your wish list of critters you want to see".


My flicker:



"We did a heap of research before choosing to dive with Dennis Corpuz and his team. It was important to us that we had a dive guide who could deliver as much as possible. We weren't looking to get one or two fantastic great shots of one or two species but a few good pics of lots of different macro species. For us, we love experiencing as many different creatures as possible, so having done the leg work on the research side of things, I was thankful Dennis could fit us in - don't leave it to the last minute to book!
It was brilliant. He could tell you how the critters behave, where they live, what they feed on and lots of extra info... all of this extra understanding only helps to know where to find things. His boat crew were very attentive and the hot chocolate surface interval was spot on. The other sweet touch is that Dennis helps with the settings of your camera to help get better shots.
We'd definitely recommend diving with Anilao Critters, they have a good relationship with their recommended resorts which makes things run smoothly. We also recommend going with a wish list. We didn't as we didn't want to put Dennis under too much pressure but he's certainly up to the challenge! Obviously the critters themselves and sea conditions have the last say but it definitely helps Dennis to plan your dive spots better.
Our thanks again to him and his brilliant boat team!".



"I did one week of diving Anilao waters. Based on experience I've learned to choose the right people in location in order to optimize results in photography. That's the reason why I've choosen Dennis as a dive guide. And it turns out that he is far more as to be a guide only. Well organized and all reliable, he did it all, starting by preparation and bookings till finally we have been diving together. He knows where to critters are located and do the best in order to make your most wanted critters to become reality. Always friendly, always smiling. If you're thinking where to put your Dollar in, choose him".




"Having an experienced dive guide, expert of the location, is a guarantee of getting the best from that location. Dennis knows each corner of these reefs and has incredible skills in spotting any kind of critter you are looking for. Also the organization of diving and boat was perfect and the crew friendly and always ready to help you. Last but not least, Dennis is an excellent underwater photographer and is always willing to give precious suggestions to improve your skills. If I had to suggest a friend on his holiday in Anilao, I’d say having Dennis as dive guide is definitely a must. Thank you Dennis, and see you soon!".



"I was planning to participate in the 3rd Anilao Macro Photography Competition. Since I needed a guide and a diving operation after researching I contacted Dennis Corpuz for his services. 

Dennis and Obet have assisted me in providing diving organisation, spotting, photography and the results were none short than exciting. 

The operation was smooth and flawless, flexible and relaxed. The critters were amazing. My wife and I had the best dives with loads of weird and wonderful critters.

Dennis Corpuz and Obet are real friends and professionals who can not only find critters but also can assist you with their photography experience.

I highly recommend this passionate and professional person to anyone with ambition to take better photographs and see wonderful creatures of Anilao".




"He knows these reefs as well as anyone, and there will be no limit to the number of critters he can find. Name what you want to see, and chances are he'll know where and how to find them. You have his spotting skills all to yourself, as well as his boat crew of three. Dive when you want, where you want, looking for what you want. The ultimate diving experience.

He is also a very accomplished underwater photographer himself, and is always willing to help with any questions you may have, as well as give suggestions on how to better your results.

If you are visiting Anilao, choosing to have Dennis as your guide is an absolute no brainer".




Anilao Critters

"When returning to Anilao after 8 years the question raised where and with whom to dive... Thx to recommendation of good friends we got the chance and honour to dive together with Dennis Corpuz!!!

Just "WOW"! An amazing guy, diver, spotter and photographer! Beside of this: always friendly, in good mood and with a helping hand/open ear! :)
Dennis showed us an tremendous number of different (rare) critters at several dive sites and he gave me a lot of tips and hints how to improve and to deal with my camera under water in a better way!
Dennis - THX A LOT for support and inspiration!!
We recommend Dennis and his family to 100% and:
For sure we will try to "book" next time again - if he won't be booked out!"



Anilao Critters

"I had read on two different websites on what a great dive guide Dennis Corpuz is. I contacted him immediately via email asking for his services. He recommended a dive resort (booked it for us) and arranged our driving transfers to/from Manila airport. Everything worked perfectly with no problems. The resort he recommended was absolutely perfect. My son and I saw numerous types of different rare nudibranchs, flamboyant cuttlefish eating, different types of frogfish (including 2 hairy frogfish), bumblebee shrimp, and lots more on our list of critters we wanted to see while in Anilao thanks to Dennis. The people that worked with him on the boat were always very helpful to assist us with gear, cameras, and getting on/off boat. Dennis is not only a great dive guide but was a pleasure to be around. Always happy and aimed to please. My camera died two days before the end of our vacation and he generously helped me out. He also helped me out with different settings on my camera so that I could get better pictures. I would definitely recommend his company to all. My son and I hope to return next spring and can not imagine diving with anyone but him. Many thanks for a dive trip of a lifetime!" 




"Despite my brief 2-days dive trip, it was one of the most memorable and fruitful dive trip I ever had. Dennis Corpuz was very generous in his underwater photography tips and have learnt so much in this short span of time. While our dive master, Hydee Bantugon who has very sharp eyes to spot those tiny critters which makes our dives amazing. 

I'll like to thank Anilao Critters and their crew for making our dive enjoyable and safe. I highly recommend anyone who wants to have a great experience in Anilao to dive with them. Truly a pleasure to dive with!"



"1.) Recommendation by diving friends, Simone + Ralf
2.) Perfect assistance and diving skills and very nice also some new encounters, big pleasure diving together, bet my minutes records by far!
3.) I do, each possibility! Of course, first choice, no question! What else can you ask for? Dennis is definitely one of the best and coolest guides we had".



Choose Anilao Critters on the advice of one of my friends which is an excellent photographer. And also based on the reputation of Mr. Dennis Corpuz as an excellent guide, nothing is more important in muck diving that a very good guide . 

We are fully satisfy, have seen plenty of unusual critter , have taken plenty of pictures, Dennis has also take care of our hotel reservation of the planning of the dives and so on .And more of all he is a very cool and kind man and an excellent photographer too .
Yes we'll recommand Anilao Critters to our friends without the slightest doubt".




"On our 4th day we arranged a private dive trip to verde island with an independent dive guide Dennis though his website Anilao Critters. The diving was great and we asked him to take us to a muck site for our last dive. During this dive alone, Dennis showed us small, obscure creatures that our previous guide would never have found. I immediately asked if he was available for the rest of the week.

In the end it was worth paying the premium mid-trip as Dennis really turned the trip around showing us some great rare critters including the bumble bee shrimp, simplex shrimp, boxer crab, nudibranchs the size of rice grains etc… Dennis is an enthusiastic and passionate diver. He get just as excited as his guests when he finds special critters. He is also a photographer and will provide tips to photographers and share photos of everything he shows you post dive. I highly recommend him for anyone traveling to Anilao"...

See full report here.




"I cannot agree more, I've hired Dennis Corpuz twice for arranging everything in Anilao, not only the diving but also the transfers to Maniila and the hotel reservations.
He's great and passionate about macro and photography, he's been scheduling our dives acrding to y critter wishlist and sometimes spent 2 or 3 dives hunting for a specific nudibranch.

In a way he's responsible for 50% of my Anilao photo gallery"...

"Anilao photo gallery"




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Most Popular Dive sites


Mainit, Tagalog for "hot", is a world-famous dive site near Anilao that is literally hot along the shore, with warm springs found just offshore. Underwater macro photographers love to explore Mainit for the wide variety of undersea life that flourishes there. This is definitely one of the prime places for MUCK DIVING!.

Other quality muck dive sites are Anilao Pier, Basura and Balanoi Secret Garden.


'Twin Rocks' is one of the best, and most popular, recreational diving sites in Anilao. It is a marine sanctuary where wildlife flourishes. So-called because of two parallel sets of rock formation at a depth of 5-18m/15-60 feet), Twin Rocks is one of the busiest dive sites in Anilao. It is most often requested by both beginning and experienced open water divers who love shallow dives and healthy, vibrant reefs. A wide variety of Giant Clams, Surgeonfish, Batfish and schools of Jack are commonplace.


These dive sites are all located roughly 15 minutes by boat from the Anilao resorts. They are popular reefs and hideouts for underwater photographers. Each of these dive sites are very healthy and contain lots of soft and hard corals found on gentle, broad slopes that give way to sudden, steep drop-offs. Excellent for wide-angle underwater photography.