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Anilao Diving Underwater Photography |Dive Resort,Dive Package Anilao PhilippinesAnilao Diving Underwater Photography |Dive Resort,Dive Package Anilao PhilippinesAnilao Diving Underwater Photography |Dive Resort,Dive Package Anilao PhilippinesAnilao Diving Underwater Photography |Dive Resort,Dive Package Anilao PhilippinesAnilao Diving Underwater Photography |Dive Resort,Dive Package Anilao PhilippinesAnilao Diving Underwater Photography |Dive Resort,Dive Package Anilao Philippines

Popular Resorts


Aquaventure-reef-club-diving resort-dive-rates-dive-package

AQUAVENTURE REEF CLUB. Aquaventure Reef Club is one of the most popular resort in Anilao.Read more!

Eagle-point-resort-diving resort-dive-rates-dive-package

EAGLE POINT RESORT. Eagle point resort is one of the best resort in Anilao, with five a star rating. Read more!


AIYANAR DIVING RESORT. is one of the latest, luxurious and brand new diving resort with five star rating Read more!






Dear Friends

We are glad to invite you to take part in a joint workshop in Anilao by underwater macro photographer Dennis Corpuz and Casa Escondida Resort from 11 to 16 November 2017. The objective of this workshop is to welcome all underwater photographers and to promote a world class level of underwater macro photography where you can expand your knowledge. During the course of the workshop, your host Denis Corpuz will share his knowledge about underwater macro photography and discuss his expertise on the subject with you.

Trip Details:

Cost is USD 750 (Twin sharing) in Standard air-con room accommodation. 50% deposit or full will secure your reservation.

What's Included: 
- 5 Nights lodging and 12 dives
- 6 day essential meals (breakfast, lunch/snacks, dinner)
- Experienced UW macro spotters, so you're guaranteed good critters
- Deluxe rooms are available with an additional of USD 150
- Suite rooms are available with an additional of USD 300
- Single rooms are available for USD 830 in Standard room accommodation

What's NOT included:

- Airfare
- Additional meals, drinks, beverages and massage
- Group transfer from Manila to Anilao for USD 45/pax (4 -6 pax)
- One way transfer from Manila to Anilao for USD 87 (1 -3 pax)
- Additional night dive are available for USD 38 (minimum of 2 divers)
- Nitrox is available for USD 10/tank
- Gratuity for guides, drivers, etc.

As a space is limited, your confirmation of attendance will be greatly appreciated. Please email Dennis Corpuz at

Should you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact Dennis Corpuz anytime.



I. Getting Started in Underwater Photography
- Camera configuration and preparation
- Basic to advance principles of underwater photography
- How to properly take pictures underwater

II. Creating The Perfect Black Background
- How to take control of your images with manual settings
- Basic to advance principles of light underwater

III. Proper Composition
- The golden rules in underwater macro photograply and how to apply them
- The symmetrical rule and its application in underwater macro photography
- How to make balance composition

IV. Standard Editing Procedure and Post Processing
How to use Adode Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and other editing software
- How to maintain your underwater camera

Dennis Corpuz underwater macro Photography workshop_Profile_picture

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Underwater macro photography workshop by Dennis Corpuz/Casa Escondida resort

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Most Popular Dive sites


Mainit, Tagalog for "hot", is a world-famous dive site near Anilao that is literally hot along the shore, with warm springs found just offshore. Underwater macro photographers love to explore Mainit for the wide variety of undersea life that flourishes there. This is definitely one of the prime places for MUCK DIVING!.

Other quality muck dive sites are Anilao Pier, Basura and Balanoi Secret Garden.


'Twin Rocks' is one of the best, and most popular, recreational diving sites in Anilao. It is a marine sanctuary where wildlife flourishes. So-called because of two parallel sets of rock formation at a depth of 5-18m/15-60 feet), Twin Rocks is one of the busiest dive sites in Anilao. It is most often requested by both beginning and experienced open water divers who love shallow dives and healthy, vibrant reefs. A wide variety of Giant Clams, Surgeonfish, Batfish and schools of Jack are commonplace.


These dive sites are all located roughly 15 minutes by boat from the Anilao resorts. They are popular reefs and hideouts for underwater photographers. Each of these dive sites are very healthy and contain lots of soft and hard corals found on gentle, broad slopes that give way to sudden, steep drop-offs. Excellent for wide-angle underwater photography.